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The enormous stick of butter pictured above is your client. He’s hired you to join him in a virtual reality simulation, and he wants you to cover him in slices of toast. Get to work.

This is Virtual Virtual Reality, a virtual reality game in which you put on virtual reality headsets (in the game) to perform strange jobs for AI.

Your second client is a city, who describes to you in poetic detail the transcendental pleasures of having a parade march through her streets. Your third client is a pin wheel.

The game is reminiscent of Portal, as you talk to shiny white robots, crazed AI, and eventually break free of the restrictions they’re placing upon you. There’s no puzzling, however – this is a pure adventure game with limited challenge, and the joy lies in the dialogue, which is funny, and the stunning environment design.

It also has one of the most sinister enemies I’ve seen in a game: floating virtual reality headsets that doggedly pursue you and attempt to strap themselves onto your face. This turns out to be more frightening than any headcrab or facehugger I’ve ever faced.

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