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Minecraft Releases Blockdown Simulator Map for Free for Java Players

Positioned beneath the village and accessed through an elevator in the tower, the hospital is an underground facility from which players can monitor and cure infected Villagers. They do this with the help of some state of the art technology: Zombie Intensive Care Units (ZICUs), clever machines that bring infected patients down to the hospital through trap doors on the surface. When this happens, Zombie Villagers get automatically splashed with a potion of weakening, which is all part one of the curing process. To simulate a real-life healthcare system, only one Zombie Villager can occupy a ZICU at a time. The rest is up to the player, who has to administer golden apples to all patients in order for them to fully recover. Once healed, the villager can return to Villagerkind again, which in turn means that I can go back to singing for my lovely neighbors! Win-win!

Blockdown Simulator may aim to educate players about the nature of pandemics, but it is nowhere near complete. On the contrary, Joseph and Hugo even encourages players who enjoy the map to share it in order to both spread awareness and also help develop the map even further:

“Blockdown Simulator will always be in beta,” says Hugo. ”If you are a developer, modder, data scientist, or just a tinkerer, please build upon, hack, or even remake it. We would love to see it evolve into, or inspire, a more compelling tool.”

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