NetEase launches Bloomblade, its hit MMO, globally

NetEase has today launched Bloomblade, its hit MMO, globally, but there’s a catch: the only version available right now is entirely in Simplified Chinese.

It’s set during the time of the Tang dynasty and sees you embarking on a grand adventure full of romance, action, and chivalry. Your time will be split between romancing the various love interests, journeying beyond the walls of Jianghu to engage in seasonal mini-games, and doing a whole lot of fighting.

There’s an extensive character customisation system here, as well as an overarching narrative that can be shaped based on who you pursue and which of the five sects you join: Diehua, Shaolin, Shushan, Xuanbing, or Yingyue.

With it being an MMO, you’ll have the option to go it alone or join up with others to create a powerful guild. Working together is a decent way to complete weekly bounties and work your way through the trickier quests.

Bloomblade launched first in China and reached No. 3 on the App Store’s top free games, achieving over 5 million downloads. It’s currently unclear as to when we can expect an English version, but updates on future versions are set to arrive on the game’s Facebook page.

If all that sounds like a good time, and you don’t mind playing in Simplified Chinese, you’ll find Bloomblade available for download now over on Google Play as a free-to-play title.

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