Best PC gaming deals of the week – 1st May 2020

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, most of the big gaming sales have all been gobbled up like leftover Easter eggs this week. Luckily, your deals herald has been hard at working finding the best PC gaming deals that are still going strong, including the best prices on new releases like Streets Of Rage 4 and Resident Evil 3, and giant savings on some classic oldies, like 50% off every Final Fantasy game on the planet and 40% off Football Manager 2020. You’ll be seeing more deals posts cropping up during the week soon, too, as your deals herald has found herself a deals deputy to help spread some of the on all the best games and hardware deals love when I’m busy testing stuff, so please do say hello when they ride in on their deals horse next Monday. For now, though, here are the best PC gaming deals of the week.

Game deals

It’s the beautiful game, so they say, and now there’s a beautiful deal on it, too, as thanks to the folks at Fanatical, you can now score 40% off Football Manager 2020.

Fanatical have also got the best deal on Streets Of Rage 4 this week with 10% off its usual price. They’ve also got plenty of Konami deals, but you’ll find better prices over at Gamesplanet, which I’ve listed below. Elsewhere, Fanatical are doing Shadow Of The Tomb Raider for 67% off at the moment, as well as 80% off Homeworld Remastered and 75% off Civilization VI. The latter also has loads of add-on packs discounted as well, with most going for 75% off, while the expansion packs Gathering Storm and Rise And Fall are both 50% off.

It’s a good time to dip back into Call Of Duty’s back catalogue as well, as there’s 50% off Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 50% off Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 50% off Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Slightly slim pickings over at GamesPlanet this week, but if you’re in need of some Konami games then this is the place to be. Indeed, there’s currently 78% off Metal Gear Solid V‘s Definitive Experience edition right now, which includes prologue game Ground Zeroes as well as the main game, The Phantom Pain, and the Metal Gear Online multiplayer mode. There’s also 79% off Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, too, if you fancy a bit more slicing and dicing action.

All three Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games are on sale as well, with the first and best going for 78% off, the second but slightly less good going for 78% off, and the middle Mirror of Fate HD chapter going for 75% off. Alternatively, if it’s retro Castlevania fun times you’re after, then stick a stake in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which is currently 70% off.

If you’ve been waiting to jump into XCOM Chimera Squad, then hop on over to GreenManGaming, where they currently have it for 53% off, which is a couple of per cent more than what you’ll get on Steam. XCOM’s big discount period is ending today, too, so this will be your last chance to grab it for less than half price.

GMG have also still got 22% off Resident Evil 3 as well, plus 8% off the most recent Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot (just in case you need even more Modern Warfare action this weekend).

Square Enix are holding a big Golden Week sale this week over at Humble, so you’ll find loads of Final Fantasy games at 50% off. GreenManGaming have very similar savings on these games, truth be told, but a lot of them are already out of stock, making Humble the place to be for your Final Fantasy needs this weekend. There’s also 50% off Dragon Quest XI if you prefer a slightly different flavour of JRPG, as well as 50% off I Am Setsuna.

Speaking of Golden Week promotions, there’s a whole separate Golden Week Sale going on at Humble right now, with 50% off the likes of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, 40% off Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana, 66% off Valkyria Chronicles 4 and 75% off Yakuza 0 to name just a few of the big Japanese games on sale this week.

If all that wasn’t enough, Humble are also holding Total War Week sale with 66% or 75% off loads of practically every historical Total War game under the sun, including Attilla, Shogun, Rome II and the Thrones Of Britannia Saga entry. The Sims 4 continues to be 75% off as well, with loads of discounts to be had on its various expansion packs.

For those after a slightly different breed of Square Enix game, GOG have sliced 85% off Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and 85% off Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the moment, as well as 86% off the original Deus Ex (taking it down to 69 pence in the UK!) and 86% off Deus Ex: Invisible War.

GOG’s midweek sale has lots of recent indie treats in it, too, including 66% off Moonlighter, 30% off Children Of Morta, 60% off For The King, 75% off Darkest Dungeon, 80% off Crypt Of The Necrodancer and 30% off Dead Cells.

Hardware deals:

As you may have seen by now, I’ve shifted our hardware deals into separate deals articles now, which will hopefully be more useful, and make it a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for. At the moment, I’m still concentrating on the best graphics card deals, the best gaming monitor deals and the best SSD deals. But if you’d like to see pages for the best headset deals, the best gaming laptop deals and the best mice and keyboard deals – or indeed any other types of deals – then do shout in the comments.

That’s all for this week’s deals heralding. As always, some of these deals may get snapped up pretty fast, so apologies if some of these have already gone by the time you click on them. Until next week, happy hunting!

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