Troy Baker Is Looking Forward to The Last of Us TV Show but Thinks Nothing Can Beat the Game

Joel voice actor Troy Baker has expressed his excitement about The Last of Us HBO TV series on numerous occasions, especially since he’s a fan of Craig Mazin’s work, but has said that the experience that the game delivers cannot be paralleled by any other medium.

In a recent interview with Fandom, Baker suggested that the show will come close to the game but won’t quite beat it (potential spoilers ahead).

When you go from fall into winter — after Joel falls, and you think he’s dead — and you see that beautiful bunny on that pristine white snow, and the arrow… and then you notice for the first time that it’s Ellie by herself, standing there – and you push forward on the analogue stick — that is something that just doesn’t translate to any other medium but a game.

Nothing else will ever be that. But I think [with The Last of Us TV show] we can come close. That we can give a different kind of experience for those who – for whatever reason —  don’t want to have that type of interaction with the characters.

Elsewhere in the interview, Baker reiterated his previous comments regarding movies based on video games. Baker is of the view that it makes more sense to make TV series based on video games rather than movies because it’s hard to condense something like 16 hours of gameplay into a two-hour movie.

The Last of Us TV show has yet to be dated. We’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: Fandom via Wccftech]

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