Rumor: Prince of Persia News Coming in the Next Couple of Weeks

Days after Ubisoft registered the Prince of Persia 6 website domain, ResetEra user and reliable insider Okabe hinted that a reveal could be coming as soon as the next couple of weeks.

Okabe (who previously shut down Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon rumors) made his comments in a ResetEra thread discussing the cancelled Prince of Persia: Redemption, footage of which made rounds online last week. When a user expressed their disappointment over the IP being dormant for so long, Okabe said, “See ya in a couple of weeks.”

Prince of Persia is prone to rumors but we have reason to believe that Ubisoft might be up to something. When a 4Chan “leak” was recently debunked by reliable insiders, at least one of them – Shinobi602 – hinted that recent reports aren’t entirely fake. However, no one knows if Ubisoft has a new game in the works or if we’re looking at a potential remaster or crossover content à la For Honor.

These recent developments come at an interesting time. Shortly after Ubisoft registered the aforementioned domain, footage from the cancelled game made rounds. The interesting bit: it was apparently sitting unlisted on YouTube for about eight years before being “discovered” last week.

In light of COVID-19, a lot of gaming showcases are scheduled to take place online in lieu of the cancelled events. We’re not getting our hopes up just yet but stay tuned as we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information.

Do our readers think we’ll see a new Prince of Persia?

[Source: ResetEra via Reddit, AltChar]

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