Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

Super Mega Baseball 3 reviewed by Caley Roark on PlayStation 4. Also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

“The third version of the Super Mega Baseball franchise doesn’t reinvent the gameplay, which remains as grounded and easy to play as ever. However, it does add a wealth of features that make upgrading worth the price. On the field, improvements to baserunning and an emphasis on catchers’ fielding make each pitch slightly more meaningful. The new Franchise mode works well, too, due in no small part to the integration of creative and easy-to-understand player traits. Developing a living roster offers interesting decisions without having to fret about financial minutia. Best of all, Super Mega Baseball 3 surrounds all of this with the most appealing graphical style, easy to use customization, fully adjustable difficulty, and quirky humor the series has become known for.”

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