Lance Reddick Teases New Destiny 2 Content From Makeshift Recording Booth in His Closet

While production of films and television series have stopped thanks to the global pandemic, game development keeps chugging on as creators work from home to bring us new things, and that includes games with major voice talent. While yet to be explicitly revealed, Destiny 2 is expected to get another major expansion this fall (most bets landing on September unless there are any delays) and it looks like even Zavala himself is hard at work on what comes next. Lance Reddick shared a brief video on Twitter as he gets ready to record some new Zavala voice lines from home… in his closet.

Nestled between t-shirts and bath towels in Reddick’s walk-in closet is a microphone on a stand, ready for the actor to record his next iconic voice lines for the Titan Vanguard. Voice actors will often use spaces like closets to record from home as the clothing provides baffles and relative soundproofing that can better simulate a recording studio environment, even if it’s not perfect. Reddick ends his video with a cheeky little Easter egg, a Zavala voice line players have latched onto from the first game.

In addition to hyping up the Destiny community for more content, it’s also great to see that even stars like Lance Reddick sometimes defer to rudimentary solutions to get the job done. He doesn’t have a fancy recording studio set up at home. Zavala’s next voice lines are coming at you straight from a closet with a microphone.

This also means that Reddick knows, at least in part, what’s coming next. Is Bungie planning on destroying the Titan patrol location? How will the coming Pyramid ship invasion dictate the next path of the story? We could ask him, but I’m sure he’s got a Titan Bubble of secrecy up around anything he knows, and those things are nigh unbreakable. You can bet Zavala plays a big part in what’s to come, and the voice lines for one of the biggest impending story beats are currently being recorded amidst laundry.

Destiny 2’s fourth year is set to make some massive changes to the game, both from a narrative and gameplay perspective. Bungie has been slowly trickling out information about what’s coming next, and with the current Season ending in June, we can expect to start seeing some teasers for September’s Season 12 pretty soon. Bungie also recently confirmed that Destiny 2 is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with more details to come at a later date.

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