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Nintendo has filed another quality of life patent


Some of you may remember that over the last few years, Nintendo has briefly talked about its plans to branch out into the health sector by offering something other than video games. One option that’s cropped up over time is the mention of a ‘quality of life’ offering. Seemingly shelved after Satoru Iwata’s passing, Nintendo has filed another patent for an invention relating to a quality of life product. This doesn’t necessarily mean that such a device will go to market, but it’s certainly interesting to see that Nintendo is still exploring options.

The patent is for an “information processing system” designed to “provide a user with motivation for continuously performing measurement of health information”. The patent goes on to describe a device that aims to detect heart rate, respiration and other biological information with a Doppler sensor.

A speaker and a camera are also mentioned which can be used to keep track of user’s emotions.

Thanks to Japanese Nintendo, you can read the full summary here.

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