PlatinumGames Head on Next-Gen Consoles: I Haven’t Seen Any Big Surprises Yet

PlatinumGames head Atsushi Inaba received a little bit of backlash last year when he said that he was finding it hard to get excited about next-gen hardware because he didn’t see anything “super innovative.” Many thought that Inaba was jumping the gun and being negative but in a new interview with Video Games Chronicle, Inaba said that while the games industry has come a long way, nothing we’ve heard of the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox One X thus far can be considered groundbreaking.

Using an example of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Inaba said that he’s happy to see developers pushing the envelope in terms of graphics and technology, but he doesn’t anticipate a major leap between current-gen and next-gen consoles. That said, he considers Nintendo Switch “very groundbreaking” in the way it turned the home console experience into a portable one.

Inaba said:

I feel that the announcements that we’ve had for recent consoles generations, while all good and interesting, and of course I’m happy for us as developers to have better technology to work on… it’s a ‘perceivable’ future. There’s not the extreme surprise or the unexpected quality that I felt from the leap to previous consoles. Now I see the announcements and I think, ‘oh, that’s cool’ and then the next minute I think, ‘hmmm… what should I watch on Netflix tonight?’

When asked if he had seen the recent PlayStation 5 Unreal Engine 5 demo, Inaba said that he was impressed by it. However, he’s yet to be blown away.

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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