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Amazon France lists numerous unannounced Nintendo Switch games

It’s nearing that time of year when E3 would normally happen and game announcements would commence. Amazon France is the first company today to put up listings for a number of unannounced Nintendo Switch games from Nintendo and notable third party publishers such as Capcom and Ubisoft. It should be noted that Amazon France has apparently done this type of thing before in the past. Here’s a roundup of the games via ResetEra:

  • 3 games from Bethesda (1 Switch only, 2 multiplat (one PS4/NSW and the other NSW/PS4/XB1))
  • 2 games from Square (both Switch-only)
  • 2 games from Warner (1 Switch-only, 1 multiplat)
  • 2 games from Ubisoft (2 multiplat)
  • 1 game from Take Two (Multiplat)
  • 1 game from Capcom (Switch only)
  • There is also 4 Nintendo games listings with an unrelated (?) picture. 


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