Sucker Punch Answers Lingering Ghost of Tsushima Questions Following State of Play

The Ghost of Tsushima-centric State of Play presentation served as the first big deep dive on Sucker Punch’s latest. However, while the gameplay segments answered myriad questions, a few more were raised as well. For example, many viewers were confused by the tiny golden circles on the HUD’s bottom left. Questions also lingered about some of the ways in which Jin will interact with the game world. Thankfully, the developers are offering explanations.

During some of the combat scenarios in the recent demo, a series of golden circles appear at the bottom of the screen. Directly above those dots are button prompts for L1 + RI. In a Q&A with PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Nate Fox revealed, “the ‘circles’ are Jin’s Resolve, which he uses to heal or to perform his most intense attacks. Players will have to make the tough tactical choice between healing or landing a crucial strike.”

Fox further confirmed that optional side missions will work to expand upon the main story experience. The Creative Director told PlayStation Blog the following: “Not only do these stories provide a greater perspective on the invasion, but they offer some of the best rewards in the game.”

In terms of relatively miscellaneous details, Fox noted that Jin can stop and play the flute whenever the player wants, as seen in some gifs and clips. Previously confirmed difficulty settings were also addressed in more detail. As is common, difficulties will be divided between Easy, Normal, and Hard. The latter will prove “very challenging,” since the Mongols will behave in a much more aggressive manner. Players shouldn’t expect enemy health to increase based on difficulty, though. According to Fox, “this is to maintain the lethality of the katana. Our combat is all about the player’s skill.”

Ghost of Tsushima arrives this summer for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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