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Update: Thank you for replying and looking, as I obviously care about your app and didn’t want to have privacy issues. I no longer see the specific references to indefinite data retention which is positive (although current legal language can be interpreted in many ways, “stored for as long as required by the purpose they have been collected for”). I hope the analytics and Unique Device ID will go away when ad removal is purchased. Previous: I’ve had this app for several years, it has the nicest interface of apps like this, I don’t mind paying to remove ads. But, its privacy policy linked from its page on Apple is unnecessarily invasive at 7 pages: Geolocation & User location, Analytics usage data, Unique device indentifiers, and says that the data will be stored indefinitely. I don’t want to be tracked forever by my location and unique device id. I wish the author would address this and remove these provisions. I’m paying to remove ads, I don’t want to be a product tracked forever, and it’s inspiring me to do without it altogether.

I didn’t reply since you’re entitled to your opinion. I searched the policy and I’m unable to find anything indicating that your data is stored indefinitely. Also, as stated in the policy, your location is only used to provide location-based services (which comes into play if you have the app show you what scanners are available in your area or if you perform a search and select a distance limit, that’s the only time the app attempts to determine your location). Regarding the privacy policy being 7 pages in length, that’s required in order to be as thorough as possible (that’s why there’s a summary section and a detailed section).

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