Samsung’s best SSDs are finally going cheap this week, with some returning to Black Friday prices

After last week’s big sale on WD Black SSDs, this week’s big SSD deals are all about Samsung. After weeks of prices inching higher and higher or just plain refusing to budge whatsoever, prices for Samsung’s best SSDs have finally started to fall in the US. There are big discounts to be had on our current best SSD for gaming pick, the 860 Evo, and their top-end 970 Evo Plus drives, as well as their portable Samsung T5 drives, with some returning to what they cost over Black Friday.

Starting with the Samsung 860 Evo, the 500GB version is down to $80 over on Amazon US, which is a $10 discount on what it cost this time last week. Indeed, this is the first time we’ve seen it at this price since the end of March, making it a great time to pick one up. It’s been cheaper in the past, but outside of Black Friday you’d normally spend around $75 on this particular drive, so it’s still a decent price all things considered.

It’s a similar picture across Samsung’s other 860 Evo sizes. The 250GB model, for example, is now down to $60, while the 1TB model is $150, taking them back down to the same prices they were back in January-March. Again, you would have found them cheaper at the end of 2019, with the 250GB model costing $55 and the 1TB version hitting as low as $110 in December, but after two months of inflated prices these are still decent deals in the grand scheme of things.

If your motherboard supports NVMe SSDs (and most motherboards from the last couple of years should), then the Samsung 970 Evo Plus has also been reduced across the board. The 250GB version, for example, is down to $75, which is $10 cheaper than last week, and only $5 more than it was just after the Black Friday sales.

The 500GB version, meanwhile, is $5 cheaper than last week at $120, which was the same price it was back in April. Historically, this size has been a bit cheaper, going for $110 earlier in the year back in January, and it dipped as low as $100 around Black Friday. A smaller discount, then, but given general stock levels at the moment I’d be surprised if we saw it go any lower than this for the foreseeable future.

You’ll also find decent discounts on the 1TB and 2TB models as well if you’ve got the budget for them, with the 1TB model going for $200, which is $30 less than it was a week ago and back to general Black Friday prices, while the 2TB version is currently $430, which is $20 cheaper than last week. The latter is still relatively expensive, though, as there have been brief moments over the last few months (and Black Friday) where it’s cost $400.

Finally, the Samsung T5 – Samsung’s rather good external SSD – is further reduced at Best Buy. The 500GB model in “Alluring Blue” (their words, not mine) is down to $80, which is once again $10 cheaper than it was this time last week. The larger models are cheaper than RRP, but are unchanged from a week ago.

Of course, Samsung SSDs are usually a bit more expensive than the competition anyway, so if you’d rather shop around and see what else is available, be sure to check our regularly updated SSD deals page before you buy.

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