Action platformer Skelattack has you defend your dungeon from rude human adventurers

Ever feel like your dungeon crawling adventures are actually you imposing on the homes of those skeleton, ooze, and monster folks? That’s the angle that action platformer Skelattack takes, asking you to help recently deceased Skully defend the underworld from a bunch of human attackers. Skelattack is out now, with a new launch trailer to show off all the hopping, slashing, and trap-avoiding.

“You are Skully, member of the newly deceased and just when you start to get the hang of being dead, your newfound home and friends are attacked by humans,” say the developers at Ukuza.

Apparently the naughty invasive humans are out to steal your magical undead juice: the blue flame. Naturally, you want that back. “Together with your best bat friend Imber, you have to jump, slash, and flap your way though the Underworld and stop the human threat,” say Ukuza.

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There looks to be plenty of wall sliding, wall jumping, breaking platforms, and boss fights—the usual side view platformer bits and bobs. Personally, I’m absolute trash at sidescrolling platformers, so this one ain’t for me. If you’re more dextrous in 2D than me though, maybe the underworld adventure is your thing.

Skelattack has a nice enough look as well, a slightly cute and cartoon-y bent on the spooky underworld of skulls, ghosts, and falling chandeliers. Reverse Castlevania, innit?

Skelattack is out now on Steam for £16/€20/$20.

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