Mario’s One-Time Rival Alex Kidd Is Getting A Timely Revival

Before Sonic, Sega had Alex Kidd. This odd-looking character starred in a series of titles on the company’s 8-bit Master System console (and a solitary 16-bit outing) before making way for the Blue Blur on the Mega Drive / Genesis, and the rest is history.

Alex has had minor roles in recent Sega games – including Sega Superstars Tennis – but he has been largely forgotten by modern players; a footnote in Sega’s history.

Until now, that is. Merge Games has just revealed that it is remaking Alex Kid in Mircale World for PC and consoles, including the Switch. The game will not only give Alex a HD makeover, it will also give you the chance to play the game with the original Master System graphics.

Switch owners can already play the original game as part of M2’s Sega Ages series.

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