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Bungie and Numskull Designs reveal Destiny 2 Beyond Light ‘The Stranger Edition’ Bundle

the stranger statue

Hot on the heels of Bungie’s recent announcement about the Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion, they’ve now decided to team up with Numskull Designs for a whole array of tie-in merchandise. And that means we can look forward to all sorts of cool items to spend our money on, including a special bundle known as The Stranger Edition and some fresh TUBBZ.

In order to celebrate the highly-anticipated launch of ‘Beyond Light’ on 22nd September 2020, a very special 10” collectable statue of The Stranger will also be arriving to coincide with the expansion content. This enables a unique opportunity for fans of the Destiny franchise as they are able to bundle the 10” statue and the Digital Deluxe expansion (provided separately via digital code) together, courtesy of the Destiny 2 Beyond Light ‘The Stranger Edition’.  

To mark the return of ‘The Stranger’, Numskull Designs have immortalised this character by creating an exclusive 10” replica in statue form. The attention to detail and textures are second to none and ensure this is a truly authentic replica figure to add to your collection – if you can get your hands on it, of course. Positioned on a snow base with foot imprint, she is formidable at 10” featuring details matched to how she appears in-game. It won’t come cheap however; in order to own the statue and the associated DLC, the price is an eye-watering £119.99.

Aside from that, there are three new TUBBZ – yes, the cosplaying ducks – being added to the current Destiny range. Amongst the newcomers are the roguish ‘The Drifter’; the greatest Titan ever, ‘Saint-14’; and the always mysterious figure known as ‘The Stranger’. Numskull Designs ensures these collectible characters come in a stackable box, with a unique bathtub-shaped display stand for the most efficient way of showcasing them. 

That’s not all though, because three official pin sets are in the works too, each containing two premium metal and enamel pins on a backing card. Upon launch there will be three sets to collect, with even more coming in 2021. And finally, for the coffee and tea lovers out there, take note of the Destiny heat reactive mug, with a Tricorn metal badge adorning it. When you’re knee deep in a gaming session, you will know when your drink has gone cold, as the mug will have changed colour and gone from white to black! 

Are you going to be throwing your cash at Numskull for any of this sweet Destiny merchandise? Tell us what you’re looking to buy via the comments section below or on any of our social media channels.

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