Bugsnax is Played in First-Person; Expect a Deeper Mystery Within Snaktooth Island

One of the more memorable surprises from Sony’s “The Future of Gaming” digital event was Bugsnax. The colorful, snack-filled title from Octodad developer Young Horses is certainly eye-catching. It’s ear-catching, too, if such a phrase makes sense, given its annoyingly catchy song. But there’s more to Bugsnax’s unsettling world of Snaktooth Island. For one, players will experience the game in a first-person perspective. Second, mysteries lie deep within the island, apparently waiting for someone to uncover them. (Or perhaps eat them. Who knows?)

In an interview with USgamer, Young Horses’ Co-Founder and President, Philip Tibitoski, teased what to expect from Bugsnax’s quirky adventure. As Tibitoski explains it, this first-person title stars a journalist who receives a “mysterious film” from Elizabert Megafig. An adventurer who stumbled across the titular half-snack, half-bug beings known as Bugsnax, Megafig wants someone to help document her findings. When arriving on Snaktooth Island, the player will learn that Megafig is missing. All that remains of her presence is a group of “misfit followers” that she amassed.

Thus, the player’s goal will center on discovering Megafig’s whereabouts, while also documenting the strange creatures. Closely watching the behaviors of Bugsnax will no doubt prove integral to the experience. This also means players must keep a close eye on what happens when the creatures are eaten. Evidently, according to scenes in the debut trailer, one is likely to change form after consuming a Bugsnak. (USgamer notes that Bugsnak is the “official singular.”)

Young Horses’ Bugsnax will launch later this year on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Epic Games Store.

[Source: USgamer]

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