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New gameplay spotlight trailer revealed for Skully

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Back in May, Modus Games detailed their upcoming adventure platformer, Skully, confirming that the game would be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in August. Well, want to get a little look at how things will play out come that launch? A brand new 10 minute gameplay spotlight trailer is now available.

The Modus Games Gameplay Spotlight trailer for Skully gives a great insight into what we should be expecting from the game this August, as we watch Skully roll, bash and leap his way through scenic beachsides and over the most volcanic of caverns.

Promising to come across as a charming action-adventure platformer starring a reanimated skull, Skully is most definitely an interesting prospect. The video released today by Modus showcases the headstrong protagonist’s ability to nimbly cross lush stretches of a sprawling island paradise, hopping across stepping-stone pathways with ease and twisting through perilous caverns pooling with scorching lava. Aided by powerful new forms sculpted from the isle’s pools of magical clay and an endearingly graceless ally named Terry, Skully always finds a way to clear (or crash through) obstacles, be they perplexing puzzles or impassable piles of stone.

In Skully you should expect to take in a rather strange tale, one which follows a skull who has been brought back to life by a deity who is desperate to save his island. What follows can be described as nothing short of madness, as you leverage clay-boosted powers, tumble through the island’s seven distinct ecosystems, conquer tricky platforming puzzles, encounter some hugely entertaining and highly colourful locals, and attempt to utterly outwit the environmental puzzles in hand.

Get a watch of that video taken in below, and then hold tight for the launch of Skully on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC as it arrives on August 4th 2020. As always, let us know what you think too – the comments are down under these words.

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