All Halo Insiders are getting invited to Halo 3 on PC testing today

The year of Halo on PC is rolling right along. We’ve checked off several PC Halo releases already this year and by lore order Halo 3 is next up to bat. As with the others, 343 Industries are inviting registered members of the Halo Insider Program to what they call “flights,” basically a big beta test. Instead of continuing to pick select groups of players, 343 say that they’re shooting off an invite to the current Halo 3 test to all registered Insider members. The test is scheduled to end on June 26th.

According to 343’s Tyler Davis, they were planning to send out invites to the current flight to all Halo Insiders with verified emails sometime this morning. That window has probably passed now, but if you happen to be an Insider you might want to check your email. For everyone else, well you probably don’t have that long to wait until launch anyhow.

As 343 have explained in the past, Halo Insiders are the final group of people asked to participate in testing for each Halo game on PC. It typically means that the game is pretty dang close to launch. Halo 2 and Halo Reach went about a month between Ring 3 testing (that’s you, Insiders) and launch. Halo: Combat Evolved was only a couple weeks.

I’m not much of a Halo person, really, but Halo 3 is my Halo—the one I played relentlessly as a teenager despite how terrible I was at aiming with an analog stick. I doubt I’ll be picking up Halo 3 on PC because, well, I don’t play many shooters anymore and I’m actually no better aiming with a mouse than a controller. I’m an RPG person, alright? But hey, I’ll be glad to see my old stomping ground out in the wild with some PC tweaks.

Halo 3 doesn’t have a PC release date, but based on the track record of other Halo games this year we can probably expect to see it launch before the end of July. You can find it on Steam.

Ta, PC Gamer.

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