Console Release Date for Insurgency: Sandstorm Delayed Once More

Insurgency: Sandstorm has been on track to release on consoles for the last three years. Yet, multiple delays kept the title away from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players; however, 2020 finally seemed as though it could be the year. This may no longer be the case, though. Developer New World Interactive is delaying the first-person tactical shooter once more on consoles. As of writing, a new date remains publicly unknown.

New World Interactive announced the news in a Twitter post, telling fans, “we aim to make use of the additional time to improve the Day 1 experience of our company’s first-ever console title. This additional time will allow us to deliver a more complete and optimized version of the game, as well as explore the exciting possibilities of a next-gen consoles release in addition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” Again, the studio made no mention of a new release date. Whenever the team is ready to share such news, fans can expect it to go live on social media and in a console newsletter.

Insurgency: Sandstorm originally hit in PC via Steam late in 2018. Plans were in place for it to launch elsewhere around the same period. The tactical shooter instead received a console delay to the first half of 2019. Eventually, New World unveiled an early 2020 launch, which in February moved to August 25th. Jury’s out on whether console players will experience Insurgency: Sandstorm before the advent of next-gen this holiday season.

The title fared well on PC out of the gate. Within a year of its release, Insurgency: Sandstorm amassed a player-base totaling one million users.

[Source: Insurgency: Sandstorm on Twitter]

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