CDPR Reiterates That Cyberpunk 2077’s Expansions Aren’t Small DLC ‘We Keep in the Drawer’

In a recent call with investors explaining Cyberpunk 2077‘s delay, CD Projekt RED reiterated that the game’s post-launch content isn’t simply small pieces of DLC carved out of the main game that “we keep in the drawer.” In fact, the expansions have yet to be made and they’ll be bigger than typical DLCs.

Board member Michał Nowakowski said:

We haven’t specifically mentioned the number of DLCs – we prefer to call them expansions as they’re bigger than typical DLCs – but of course the fact that the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has been moved will proportionately move the release of such potential expansions. We haven’t made any specific announcement on when that’s planned, but since these are actually being developed, these are not any pieces we keep in the drawer, so to speak. They will first have to be made.

Nowakowski added that despite the delay pushing Cyberpunk 2077 into a typically busy release period, CD Projekt RED still isn’t worried about competition. He added:

November, of course, is a different time frame than September. It’s an interesting period as within that time, typically there aren’t that many releases of new games. One thing we assume is gonna be happening right next to us is the launch of next gen, so there will be some titles, but there is typically no launch of a large magnitude title – those releases have a slightly different purpose, they’re not the size of – say – GTA or Red Dead Redemption, or anything like that. There is increased interest in video games that we can benefit from. There, of course, may be a launch of some other title around that time frame, but there’s never an empty time slot. The true competition will mostly relate to the fact that it’s a busier period in the media because the holiday season is approaching and so on, so we’re going to be dealing with that – and that’s it.

Cyberpunk 2077 will now release on November 19th and will be compatible with next-gen consoles. You can preorder the game on Amazon.

[Source: CD Projekt RED]

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