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Microsoft closes Mixer and partners with Facebook Gaming, Ninja and Shroud free to stream on Twitch again

Microsoft has announced that it is shutting Mixer down and partnering with Facebook Gaming, meaning streamers like Ninja and Shroud are free to return to Twitch.

In an interview with The Verge, Xbox boss Phil Spencer offered some clarity as to why Microsoft decided to cease operations for its streaming service.

“We started pretty far behind, in terms of where Mixer’s monthly active viewers were compared to some of the big players out there,” Spencer said. “I think the Mixer community is really going to benefit from the broad audience that Facebook has through their properties, and the abilities to reach gamers in a very seamless way through the social platform Facebook has.”

The report also notes, importantly, that “Ninja, Shroud, and other top streamers are now free to rejoin Twitch or stream on Facebook Gaming.”

“It’s up to them and their priorities,” Facebook Gaming head Vivek Sharma said in another report.

“It wasn’t as much about return on sell, it was about finding a partnership that was the best things for the community and streamers,” Spencer said. “We think this is it, and it gives us a great place to launch more xCloud content and give gamers the ability to play from there.”

For those unfamiliar with Project xCloud, its ambition is not entirely to dissimilar to Stadia’s. Fans will be able to watch their favourite streamers and, if they like the look of what they’re playing, xCloud will allow them to click into the game and have a go themselves. This was supposed to be facilitated by Mixer, but will now be supported on Facebook Gaming instead. Obviously.

“I don’t think we’re going to have to wait too long to see the outcome of the collaboration between the two companies to enable this tech for Facebook Gaming viewers,” Spencer said.

Spencer also revealed more on Twitter, writing:

“Grateful to Mixer Partners and streamers and viewers. Look forward to working with Facebook Gaming to transition and scale the Mixer community and help it thrive and using Project xCloud for future scenarios for watching and playing.”

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