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The Watchmaker dials in an October release on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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Fun platforming adventures never get old, and so the launch date confirmation of The Watchmaker on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is one that is hugely exciting.

Coming from Micropsia Games, The Watchmaker will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 8th 2020, making the leap from its current PC home to the console revolution.

But what is The Watchmaker? Well, it’s a fun platforming adventure that deals with a whole host of puzzle types, as you get the chance to explore five amazing worlds full of mystery, multiple powers and the most giant of bosses.

An ambitious adventure in which you are guided by a mysterious presence, players will be given the chance to explore gigantic environments while exploiting Alexander’s engineering skills. Armed with just a magnetic glove that allows him to transport objects in the air, the watchmaker will be found facing mechanical enemies, colossal bosses and an intricate level design where there will be plenty of puzzles.

In The Watchmaker the pace of time will be one more enemy to beat, and throughout this adventure you will need to collect hourglasses to reverse the relentless aging of our hero. You see, the device that Alexander carries on his back shows a marker with his age, and if he exceeds that of 90, he will die – helplessly.

Fortunately, in The Watchmaker these time breaks offer many advantages: the opportunity to slow down the pace of time to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, for one. And then, you will also be able to dodge death when you take a bad jump and fall into the void, rewinding the action and the gameplay for a few precious seconds to get a second chance. You know, like you get the chance to do in the best racers like GRID, just in platforming form.

If you’re interested in The Watchmaker and are up for taking in an ambitious indie creation that mixes a thrilling storyline with stunning visuals, then get ready to tick and tock your way to glory come October 8th 2020. We’ll be sure to remind you when that time comes around.

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