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When the app first released the items they offered every Tuesday were awesome enough to keep me excited for next Tuesday when the next bout of stuff would come. Now, as one reviewer said, it’s now nothing more than a t-mobile exclusive coupon app (which gives you about as much “free”, useful stuff as any other free, coupon app). The best thing they may have on there now is maybe a free movie from a random movie company. It’s nice when it’s consistent, if it gave consistent free movie rentals from a single provider, I might actually try and sign up, but it is not so currently. Today, I finally deleted the app after having downloaded it the day it was released. I remember when there used to be a free Wendy’s frosty every week. That was awesome. Now, they may have something awesome gets rolled out over two tuesdays (meaning, if you didn’t get it one Tuesday, then you should get it the other Tuesday), I would open the app on both those days and never receive anything. I have tried those staggered release freebies but never seem to be awarded one. T-mobile, you need to evaluate what made t-mobile Tuesday’s so awesome when it launched and compare it to now and fix it. If you do fix it, let us know, but don’t say you fixed it if you didn’t actually fix it.

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