Dying Light’s demonic arcade Hellraid DLC is launching in July

Dying Light, yes the original not the in-progress sequel, is getting a new DLC five years after launch. A strange arcade cabinet has popped up in the Tower’s basement, so of course folks are going to drag it into the daylight and play it. Techland have released a new trailer, along with the news that you’ll be able to jump in on July 23rd.

The cursed arcade cabinet turns out to be a portal between worlds, the connection between your normal Dying Light zombie parkour and medieval skeleton slaying. “We’ve populated the stronghold with completely new demonic enemies and designed an array of fitting fantasy weapons to slay them with,” Techland say of the DLC. “Hellraid comes with its own progression system and you’ll have to improve your rank to unlock new swords, hammers, and axes.” You can try it out solo or with a group of up to four.

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Hellraid is based on an old Techland project by the same name that never made it to release. I’d assumed it got canned, though Techland are now describing it as their “currently-on-hold first-person dark fantasy slasher.” Sure, Techland, go off then. Regardless, this new demonic hack ’em up is the iteration of Hellraid that you’ll be getting your mitts on soonest.

As for the sequel Dying Light 2, last we heard it had been delayed until an unknown time. That was back in January, which was the last official word we’ve heard on its release that was original planned for spring 2020.

You can find Dying Light and the new DLC over on Steam where it will launch July 23rd for £8/€10/$10.

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