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Yes, Your Grace releases on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

When Yes, Your Grace launched on PC back in March 2020, it immediately become one of the biggest Steam launches of the year. From there it went on to earn more than a million dollars of revenue in its first month alone. It comes as no surprise then to see the game now rock up on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Coming from the development team at Brave at Night, and pushed out via the publishing team of No More Robots, Yes, Your Grace is the hugely exciting kingdom management sim that has been massively inspired by Slavic folklore. It tells the tale of a medieval kingdom and the royal family who oversee it, with you playing out the part of the King of this land. It is therefore totally up to you to ensure that your villagers are kept happy, fed, and safe – especially from the multitude of monsters who are constantly on the attack.

The console edition of Yes, Your Grace has been carefully crafted by the UK game studio Ant Workshop, all in order to make sure it’s the best Yes, Your Grace experience possible.

And should you find yourself grabbing a download, then Yes, Your Grace on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch tasks players with:

  • Listening to petitioners each turn and deciding who needs your support
  • Aiding your family with their personal problems and leading their fates
  • Hiring Generals, Witches and Hunters to aid your efforts
  • Making alliances by satisfying the whims of lords and kings
  • Following the stories of the quirky, determined characters that visit your halls

Never checked out Yes, Your Grace but wish to know more? Our full review of the game on Xbox One is up and live – feel free to give it a read. But for now, in order to celebrate that launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch you’d do well to check out the trailer below. And of course, the usual downloads can be picked up from the Xbox Store and Nintendo eShop.

Game Description:

In this kingdom management RPG, petitioners will arrive in the throne room each turn to ask for your advice and assistance. Decide whether to help them with their problems, or to conserve resources for more important matters. Remember: supplies are limited, and not everyone has the kingdom’s best interests at heart… Yes, Your Grace tells a tale of Davern, a medieval kingdom ruled by King Eryk. The game is set in a fictional world where monsters and arcane practices inspired by Slavic folklore are the order of the day. Villagers will ask for your help with various problems, from monsters attacking the village to a lack of places to relax and enjoy themselves. Some will bring humour to your throne room and some will present you with difficult choices. Your family is important too, and throughout your time as King, you will have to support them in their struggles. You will face lords with a variety of personalities; you will need their support in order to win an upcoming battle, but some may ask you to perform dirty deeds to cement the alliance. One thing is clear: It won’t be easy to keep everyone happy…

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