New eShop Release Final Sword Includes Zelda’s Lullaby As Background Music

Earlier this week, a company called HUP Games published Final Sword on the Switch eShop. If you’ve never heard of this game before, it’s described as the “original action RPG” for Nintendo Switch and allows players to enjoy “powerful battles” in an open-world setting for $17.70.

In reality, it’s a mobile port and the title uses generic game engine assets. To top it off, it also features music from the Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. GoNintendo notes how the “stolen music” playing in the background “straight-up rips off” Zelda’s Lullaby. Have a listen below:

Sound familiar? If you’ve played Ocarina of Time it should. We’re not sure how this one slipped by Nintendo, but if we were to take a guess, it’s probably because stacks of games are getting approved for the Switch eShop on a weekly basis.

Now that the word is out, Final Sword is expected to disappear from Nintendo’s digital store in the coming days.

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