Leaked Trailer Confirms DiRT 5 Will Offer a Free PS4 to PS5 Upgrade Option

It appears Codemasters can be added to the list of companies that will offer free PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 upgrades for its games. Apparently, such an upgrade will apply to DiRT 5, which launches on current-gen platforms and PC in October.

According to PlayStation Universe, a DiRT 5 trailer recently went live online prematurely. Codemasters has since removed the trailer, but the video description reportedly let loose details about the publisher’s PS4/PS5 upgrade plans for its brand-new racer. PlayStation Universe claims the description read as follows,

Check out our official features trailer for DIRT 5, launching October 9 on PlayStation 4, followed shortly by launching on PlayStation 5. DIRT 5 supports a FREE upgrade option for PlayStation players–so grab DIRT 5 on PS4 and get the next-gen optimized version on PS5, free of charge.

Codemasters is putting in the extra effort to ensure next-gen versions of DiRT 5 are worthy of the experience. In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the team’s Development Director Rob Kar confirmed DiRT 5 will support 120 FPS on the PlayStation 5, akin to its Xbox Series X counterpart. This same interview saw the developer praise Sony for its work in crafting the DualSense controller. The DualSense “fits really well for racing,” Kar told the publication.

Codemasters announced DiRT 5 a couple of months ago, touting it as a bold new step for the franchise. Fans will especially want to keep an eye on news surrounding the all-new Career Mode, which stars Troy Baker and Nolan North as two key characters.

DiRT 5 will race onto the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One this fall on October 9th. The racing title’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions do not presently have a release date attached, so it’s unknown if it will launch alongside next-gen consoles this holiday season or be pushed out into next year.

[Source: Codemasters via PlayStation Universe]

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