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Robozarro brings manic physics-based action platforming to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

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Ah, the joy of the physics-based action adventure – how we love nothing more than finding the opportunity to take in a quest full of uncertainty and madness. And that is exactly what Robozarro on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch aims to provide.

Priced at £5.79 and available to purchase and download right this second on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Robozarro from eastasiasoft – they behind the recent launches of Iro Hero and Pity Pit – sees you joining two robots, B0-3 and 0-Ramatron, in their quest for survival.

You see, in Robozarro the famous Dr. Zarro has gone missing, and it is up to you to uncover the mystery and secrets behind their disappearance. You’ll do this by moving your way across multiple levels, through the outskirts and across the rooftops of Mech Angeles, in order to discover the truth. And by utilising the power of physics, and the appeal of old-school 2D action platforming, things should just about come together nicely enough to provide an interesting experience.

This journey won’t be a straightforward romp though and throughout your time with Robozarro on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, will discover ample opportunities within – whether this be the chance to grab junk, take home and utilise some rather unique gadgetry, or just spending time with unlockable time trials.

Features include:

  • Explore an unpredictable world brought to life by a dynamic 2D physics engine.
  • Master the “Grab N Blast” physics manipulation tool to turn your surroundings into explosive weaponry!
  • Collect junk while adventuring and trade for health, weapons or upgrades.
  • Recover unique gadgets to aid your journey across Mech Angeles.
  • Unlock time trials and attempt to beat levels with no checkpoints or taking zero damage!

Our full review of Robozarro on Xbox One will be coming your way very shortly but in the meantime grab a copy of the game for yourself by visiting the usual digital stores. We’ll obviously point you in the direction of the Xbox Store.

Game Description:

2D physics mayhem! Robozarro is a physics-based 2D action game where robots B0-3 and 0-Ramatron embark on an epic quest through the outskirts, underbelly and rooftops of Mech Angeles to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Dr. Zarro.

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