Official Trump 2020 App – DonaldJTrump For President

i downloaded this app to see what i could do in order to support my non racist, homophobic, non misogynistic president. needless to say i had high expectations for the app. howeVER, i was immediately asked to give my phone number to him which i find completely inappropriate because he’s already in a married relationship!!!!! i wouldn’t imagine for our beloved president to be a cheater, but i figured i would put my number in anyways to see how far things could go between us. almost instantly my screen was filled with SPAM messages from him which i don’t appreciate and find completely unacceptable. i mean i had found it weird that he wanted to see someone else in the first place, but at this point he seemed desperate. i had no choice but to block the messages and delete the app. about 20 mins after it was deleted, i heard a knock in my door which was strange since no one comes too see me anymore because i supported the big cheeto 😔🧚✨. i opened the door to see TWELVE oompa loompas at my doorstep practically begGING me to re download the app and give it five stars. he sent freaking MINIONS to get me back. at this point i was fed up with his childish behavior so i slammed the door on them and am now leaving the opposite of what he wished for me to do, which is leave a ONE star review on his yucky app. sorry things didn’t work out between us donald xx. i’ll be voting for you this year, but to be sent to prison 💕✨😌💅

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