Sony’s Investment In Fortnite Creator Epic Won’t Impact Its Titles On Other Systems

Fortnite© Epic Games

In case you missed it, Sony just pumped a whopping $250 million into Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite and the popular Unreal Engine. Sony is acquiring a 1.4% stake in Epic, to be precise, which means the deal values Epic at $17.86 billion.

The move makes Sony a minority shareholder in the firm, which also had investment from Chinese tech giant Tencent back in 2012. The deal means that the pair will “work together to advance the state of the art in technology, entertainment, and socially connected online services,” but Epic’s properties and technologies will thankfully continue to be present on rival platforms, including Switch. Phew.

Still, the investment means that Sony’s own portfolio will be used by Epic “create unique experiences for consumers and creators” – which could lead to some interesting developments – for PlayStation owners, at least.

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