Rumor: PS5 Console Weight Reported to Be Over 10 Lbs (Nearly 5 Kgs), Just a Half Pound Shy of the PS3

While the rumored PS5 price and release date reveal—along with preorders—didn’t actually happen today, the PS5 weight may have leaked thanks to a listing on Amazon Germany. The Amazon Germany page for the PS5 lists the weight as 4.78 kg, which translates to 10.54 lbs. This is a fair amount heavier than the PS4, which comes in at 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg), but still not quite as heavy as the launch PS3, which weighed a massive 11 lbs (5 kg).

It’s possible the listed PS5 weight could be a placeholder, but it seems like an oddly specific number to be placeholder information. However, both the standard PS5 and Digital Edition both list the same weight (as well as listing that weight under most of the accessories on the same page, except the DualSense controller), but it’s expected the removal of the disc drive would make the digital edition lighter. It’s also possible the listed weight could be for the full box, but the PS4 listing’s weight is the actual console itself excluding any additional packaging.

Additional regional landing pages are also listing that same weight, including Amazon France, which gives the reported number more…. ahem… weight.

Amazon Germany also lists the dimensions of the DualSense controller as 7.9″ x 3″ x 7″ (20.1 x 7.7 x 17.7 cm), but it’s likely that is the dimensions of the box it comes in, not the controller itself, as the measurements wouldn’t make sense otherwise. The DualSense weight is listed as 2.2 lbs (998 g). Again, it’s expected that is including the full packaging. The DualShock 4 weighs less than half a pound/around 220 g, and while the DualSense is adding a lot of tech, we don’t think it will quadruple the weight of the controller.

Notably, PS5 pages have been slowly starting to go live on various retail channels, which many presume means Sony is gearing up to reveal the price and let people start preordering soon. Other regions have had their pages live for upwards of a week or more now, but the US PS5 store page just went live today. It doesn’t contain any new information outside of what was revealed last month at the PS5 Future of Play event, but it does seem to indicate Sony is getting ready for the next step in marketing the console. The company also revealed the new PS5 game case design last week, most likely in preparation for box art images to start going live on preorder pages.

[Via: Reddit, GamesRadar]

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