Deathloop Dev Is Excited About Targeting 60 FPS on PS5, Says DualSense Will Bring New Level of Immersion

Deathloop developer Arkane Studios has said that being able to target 60 frames-per-second on the PlayStation 5 is “very exciting,” especially when developing an action game. Speaking to IGN, game Director Dinga Bakaba noted that Arkane’s past games were restricted to 30 fps on consoles, but thanks to next-gen hardware, it’ll now be able to add higher resolution and frame rates alongside features like HDR without constraints.

“Just having higher fidelity on screen to make Seb’s [Sebastien Mitton] team’s work shine in a way that it never did before is really exciting,” said Babaka. “Of course, I mentioned the frame rate. I think that’s something really important. Until now our games and consoles have always been 30fps. Being able to target 60 for an action game, it’s very exciting.”

Babaka added that DualSense‘s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will make games more immersive than ever before.

It’s got a lot of nice features with the haptic feedback, the active triggers. We are a first-person game. We really value immersion a lot in our games. Really feel the weapons in your hand, its reaction, how it reloads, how it reacts to reloading, etc… I think that players will enjoy those functionalities. This is something that we are extremely proud to be part of, it’s something so big. A new generation of console and the launch of them. It’s not every time in a career that you have this opportunity. So, we are really thrilled. 

Deathloop will release in Q4 2020 on the PS5 as a timed console exclusive. It’ll also release on PC.

[Source: IGN]

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