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Final Fantasy 14 free trial extended to Heavensward, level cap increased from 35 to 60 for trial players

The Final Fantasy 14 free trial has been extended right up to the Heavensward expansion, while the level cap for trial players has been increased from 35 to 60.

Final Fantasy 14 creative director Naoki Yoshida is currently discussing the details of the latest changes on stream. You can access it from the link attached to the tweet embedded below.

If you can’t access it for whatever reason, a reply to the tweet collects all of the major changes being discussed.

Check out the screenshot below, which compiles a list of today’s biggest Final Fantasy 14 changes.

Final Fantasy 14

As you can see, the level cap has been increased from level 35 to level 60 for all trial players, while all quests up to Heavensward (Patch 3.56) are playable.

There are also new jobs available for trial players, such as Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist. Finally, players are now able to create Au Ra characters on top of the already available trial races.

Despite the changes listed above, restrictions on in-game currency and marketboard are still intact.

This is huge news for trial players, in that people who are still unsure about committing to a monthly payment are able to experience far more of the game prior to signing for a Final Fantasy 14 subscription.

On top of these changes, Final Fantasy 14 is removing all of its most tedious quests with Patch 5.3, which was originally scheduled for July but is now most likely to launch in August.

If you’ve never played Final Fantasy 14, it made it onto our list of the best PS4 games ever. It’s a genuinely fantastic MMO – even for non-MMO players like myself. Also, forget Sephiroth – Final Fantasy 14’s Emet Selch is the greatest villain the series has ever had.

If you’re keen for more info on Final Fantasy 14, check out our Shadowbringers interview on how Natsuko Ishikawa wrote the best Final Fantasy story in years.

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