Forza Motorsport Is Coming To Xbox Series X, But Is Still Early In Development

The appearance of Forza Motorsport during today’s Xbox Games Showcase wasn’t surprising, but hearing that it’s still early in development was. Many believed this title would be an Xbox Series X launch title, much like Forza Motorsport 5 before it. No date was given, but Microsoft lists it as a forthcoming release for Xbox Series X, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft’s press release for this numberless sequel states that this entry will connect players to the “Forza universe, and to one another, like never before.” This entry will run at a 4K resolution, and at 60 frames-per-second, while making good use ray tracing to bring a higher level of realism to the cars and world. In Microsoft’s words this means you’ll see “surfaces of cars reflecting off each other, brilliant red paint reflected off of detailed track surfaces and light and shadow interplay.”

This new Forza Motorsport is once again developed by Turn 10 Studios.

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