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Nintendo apologises for error in celebration event for Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has taken to Twitter to apologise for a fairly large error during the ongoing celebration event in the mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes. The problem arose with the smartphone game’s Hero Fest banner which gives players a higher chance of summoning the series focus heroes. Here’s a summary of the current issue:

“As part of the celebration of the 3.5 years of service of Heroes, a special “Hero Fest” banner was announced last night in a livestream. The “Hero Fest” banner features a higher than normal chance of summoning the focus heroes, and this banner was also to be the first banner where heroes added between December 2017 and August 2018 could not be pulled off-focus. However, the banner not only includes the heroes who were to be removed, but also includes previously removed heroes from launch to November 2017.”

Nintendo World Report

The company posted the following tweet explaining that they are actively investigating the issue and have apologised to fans for the error.


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