Free Double Trouble DLC and Cross-Play Hits Wargroove’s PS4 Version Tomorrow

Developer Chucklefish released Wargroove’s Double Trouble DLC on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One earlier this year. Finally, PlayStation 4 players will gain access to the free content tomorrow, August 4th. That’s not all Chucklefish will drop tomorrow, however. Cross-play support for Wargroove across all platforms will go live as well.

In a statement, Chucklefish’s CTO and Lead Game Designer, Rodrigo Braz Monteiro, said cross-play for multiplayer felt like the right move all along. Yet, the co-op campaign for Wargroove’s Double Trouble content especially demanded the implementation of cross-play support.

The Double Trouble DLC debuts a co-op campaign that brings several new characters into the mix known as the Outlaw Commanders. This crew of misfits includes troublesome twins Errol and Orla, the ever malevolent Vesper, and the mighty Wulfar.

Double Trouble follows the Outlaw Commanders after a kidnapping and ransom demands that leave the rogues scrambling to earn riches. Pulling off a big heist serves as their only option. As such, they target four points of interest: Celandine Vault of Cherrystone, Floran’s Iron Roots reserves, the Imperial Palace of Heavensong, and Stone Mountain Fort of Felheim.

While carrying out the job will prove difficult, players will have two brand-new units at their disposal–Thieves and Riflemen. Each should bring along their own tactical advantages. Thieves have the ability to quickly plunder riches, while the Riflemen can pick off foes from a distance.

The co-op options in Double Trouble are available to those who want to play locally or online. Of course, solo play represents another possibility. This free content will also usher in extra arcade maps, updates for custom editor tools, and Quick Play maps for competitive online play.

Wargroove is out now on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Chucklefish via Gematsu]

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