Exclusive: Meet The Crew Of Volta-X, The RTS Mech-Battler Hitting Switch Next Week

Mech-battling real-time strategy game Volta-X launches on Switch on 12th August, and GungHo has provided us some exclusive screens showcasing the ragtag cast of characters you’ll unlock as you play through its PvE and PvP kaiju battles.

Every Volta (the titular giant robots you’ll be taking control of and fighting) needs a crew, and below you’ll find a short bio on each one, along with an in-depth look at their unlockable talent trees which enable you to customise abilities and respec the crew to make them as efficient as possible in battle.

If you haven’t been following Volta-X, which comes from veteran Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy developer Fumiaki Shiraishi, we highly recommend checking out out the trailer above before browsing the roster below. The game features cross-play between Switch and PC. If you own a PC, you can also check out the special preview event taking place from today (Friday 7th August, 5 p.m. PT) until Saturday 8th August (9 p.m. PT).

The characters you unlock while playing are split into three groups according to their roles: Repair, Artillery, and Melee. Let’s kick things off with the Repair crew:


Sheldon Ray (elephant)

Sheldon Bio
Sheldon Tree

Briana Murphy (platypus)

Briana Bio
Briana Tree

Oscar Barr (dog)

Oscar Bio
Oscar Tree


Ian Woods (fox)

(One of the two characters players can choose at the beginning of the game.)

Ian Bio
Ian Tree

Lisa Hunt (tiger)

(One of the two characters players can choose to be at the beginning of the game.)

Lisa Bio
Lisa Tree

Frederik Friis (polar bear)

Frederik Bio
Frederik Tree

Grant Hornsby (hawk)

Grant Bio
Grant Tree

Irma Williams (armadillo)

Irma Bio
Irma Tree


Benjamin ‘Benny’ Miller (monkey)

Benny Bio
Benny Tree

Elena Silvestri (rabbit)

Susan Bio
Susan Costumes

Susan Barnes (pig)

Looking forward to getting stuck into some strategic mech combat? Will you be previewing the game on PC? Who’s your early favourite from the lineup? Let us know below.

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