Users of Certain Mobile Networks to Receive Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Content

It would appear that Sony isn’t the only company to have signed a deal for exclusive content in Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to PlayStation platforms receiving Spider-Man and timed-exclusive cosmetics, customers of certain mobile network operators will reportedly gain exclusive access to character skins. Apparently, Square Enix locked down content for a couple of other branding partnerships, as well.

Redditor smoove4254 shared images of leaked skins that Verizon (US) and Virgin (UK) customers will be able to unlock at launch:

marvels avengers exclusive

The photos below provide further evidence of the reported collaboration:

marvels avengers exclusive

marvels avengers exclusive

Smoove4254 also posted photos of a costume set that’s exclusive to Intel:

marvels avengers exclusive

marvels avengers exclusive

It reportedly goes deeper than this, too. YouTuber JayShockblast spotted additional proof of the mobile network deals. According to a recent tweet from Verizon’s official account, customers enrolled in the Verizon Up rewards program are eligible for free beta access in Marvel’s Avengers.

The brand deals don’t end and begin there, either. JayShockblast further reported on a Five Gum collaboration, which gives buyers access to in-game content. At the 20-second mark in the following video, the YouTuber posts an image of a Five Gum package covered in Marvel’s Avengers branding.

Whether or not this content will eventually make its way to all consumers, similar to recent happenings with the FFVII Remake and Butterfingers promotion, remains to be seen.

Marvel’s Avengers hits stores next month on September 4th for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Players who pick up a copy on current-gen can expect to receive a free upgrade for next-gen consoles.

[Source: Reddit, JayShockblast on YouTube via VGC]

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