Fall Guys is Making Brands Compete in a Charity Battle for Skin Supremacy

Weren’t we just talking about Fall Guys and crossover skins, like, last week? It appears that the platformer battle royale’s developers got the message loud and clear from brands such as KFC and Walmart looking to get in on the cross-promotional action. Fall Guys is hosting a charity donation battle with the highest bidder by August 31 getting their custom skin in the game and all proceeds going to UK-based charity Special Effect. A brilliant way to put the various brands’ money where their Fall Guys cosmetic thirst is? Absolutely. There is already a bidding war going on as we speak. How will Colonel Sanders react?

While the contest is to see what brand will donate its way to some sweet cross-promotion there are already a couple of cross-promotional cosmetics in the game you might recognize. This includes a Team Fortress 2 skin from Valve and the Bulletkin from indie Rogue-like Enter the Gungeon, as well as the chicken-headed Jacket from Hotline Miami. However, both pale in comparison to the potential stupidity that could arise from the likes of KFC, Walmart, or anyone else ponying up the dough to get their brand in Fall Guys.

The current leader is Warframe developer Digital Extremes, putting up a cool $40,000 to get both Warframe and Rivals of Aether into the mix. Right now the high bid is $100,000 from YouTuber MrBeast. Other donations have come from Twitch streamer Trainwrecks, Corsair, a Minecraft server hosting company, Helix Esports, and more, but as of right now, none come close to matching that $100,000 put up by MrBeast. And this is all just within the first few hours of this donation drive going live. Who knows how wacky the top price may get before things are said and done in two weeks when the donation drive ends.

So, real talk: What brand do you want to see get into the game? Personally, I want Panda Express to throw some dough and get a skin that makes my Fall Guy look like a bowl of orange chicken, but are they willing to exceed $100K? Maybe I’m just hungry. Either way, I should go eat dinner.

Fall Guys has been a massive success, reportedly seeing upwards of 10 million players across both PS4 and PC, with a healthy majority of players getting the game through PlayStation Plus.

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