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I know I hate reading super long and unnecessary reviews so I’ll try to keep it straight to the point. This app’s pretty great, you can check your grades super easily, lots of tabs to organize things really easily, simple user interface, and best of all, a customizable dashboard! Whats there not to love? So why did I take of one star? Because there’s no connections! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to switch out apps and come back to canvas being restarted. So I have two proposals. 1. Add a recent tab. This would be so useful through switching between modules. I think it would look similar to the notifications list, with the class at the top, the assignments/module in the middle, and instead of the publication time at the bottom, the last time you accessed that specific assignment for each box. 2. Add connections! If you don’t know, some apps allow you to connect apps to a another app. (Some examples of these kind of apps are discord, snapchat, house party, etc.) I feel like you should be able to connect google apps like google docs, google meets, socratic, etc. and maybe also browsers like safari, chrome, ecosia, etc. If canvas adds one of these I’d be happy to change my review to 5 stars!

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