Two More Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Champion amiibo Appear To Be Getting Reprints (North America)

Zelda amiibo

Last week, as you might recall, the CPSIA page on the Nintendo Americas support site revealed two of the champion amiibo (Mipha and Revali) from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild line would likely be getting reprints in North America. Both were listed alongside the upcoming Joker amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Since then, the same page has been updated, and as you can see below – it lists the two other champions from Breath of the Wild. The Gerudo champion Urbosa and the Goron champion Daruk. Both appeared alongside the new listing for Hero.


The Hero and Joker amiibo are both arriving in Europe, Japan and Australia next month, and in North America on 2nd October. The dates for the re-release of the champions isn’t mentioned, but the timing makes a lot of sense considering The Legend of Zelda series celebrates its 35th anniversary next year.

Will you be adding any of these amiibo to your collection? Tell us down below.

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