Rocksteady Issues New Statement Regarding Harassment Claims, Says All Complaints Were Addressed

Rocksteady Studios has issued a new statement regarding a letter that recently surfaced online via The Guardian, in which female developers complained of harassment to the management. Although it was confirmed that the letter was genuine and was written in 2018, a number of women including those who partook in writing those complaints took issue with The Guardian’s article, and claimed that they were not consulted by the publication.

Now, Rocksteady has released an official statement addressing The Guardian’s article, and has revealed that the complaints were addressed appropriately at the time and a number of serious measures were taken, including termination of staff members found guilty of misconduct.

Part of the statement published on Twitter reads:

In response to the initial communication, we met with all our female staff, we listened, and we dealt with the issues raised. All formal complaints were thoroughly investigated, addressed appropriately, and a number of serious measures were taken in response to the issues that were surfaced, including discipline or termination of staff. 

Since then, we have introduced new ways of ensuring we are making good on our commitment to inclusion, such as asking all female staff to provide feedback about the portrayal or behavior of characters in the games we make. We are dedicated to listening and improving, and have employed specialists to help further enhance equity and representation at Rocksteady.

Rocksteady concluded the letter by promising to continue addressing unacceptable behavior, and said that it is “passionate as ever about creating an inclusive culture.”

[Source: Rocksteady Studios]

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