Marvel’s Avengers In-Game Economy Detailed, Square Enix Reaffirms Commitment to Free Playable Updates

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have once again reiterated that all playable post-launch content for Marvel’s Avengers – including new characters, story content, missions, and regions – will be free for all players. However, the game will be supported by an in-game economy that will allow players to either unlock cosmetics or purchase them with real money.

In the interest of transparency, Square Enix has penned a lengthy article explaining how the in-game economy will work, and has reiterated that all content available to purchase with real money will be strictly cosmetic only.

Cosmetics include:

  • Outfits: Outfits are aesthetic only – they do not influence gameplay. This was an intentional decision to avoid pay-to-win play scenarios.
  • Emotes: Character-specific Emotes bring out the personality of each Super Hero, and let you express yourself to your teammates – AI or otherwise!
  • Takedowns: Takedowns are flashy finishers that show off each hero’s signature style on the battlefield!
  • Nameplates: Nameplates show off your hero’s stats and are drawn from iconic art in Marvel history.

Some cosmetics, gear, and rare resources will be sold by in-game vendors that’ll be part of Marvel’s Avengers narrative. They’ll be found in multiple locations, allowing players to exchange their Units and common Resources for items. Units are in-game digital currency with no real value.

Then, there is a marketplace that will allow players to purchase cosmetic items via credits that will be sold in packs of 500, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000. A 500 credit pack is $5.00.

Finally, we have premium Hero Challenge Cards that will allow players to earn Resources, Units, Credits, and Cosmetics for completing in-game challenges. Rewards include:

  • Rare Resource Bundle: Nanotubes, Nanites, Plasma, Catalyst
  • Resource Bundle: Fragments & Upgrade Modules
  • Upgrade Module Bundles: Upgrade Modules
  • Exotic Resource Bundle: Polychoron & Uru
  • Units
  • Credits
  • Hero Nameplates
  • Team Nameplates
  • Emotes
  • Takedowns
  • Outfits

At launch, Hero Challenge Cards for starting heroes will be free for all players. Hero Challenge Cards for post-launch heroes will cost 1,000 credits ($10) each.

For more details on Marvel’s Avengers economy, head over to the game’s website.

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