Reader Discussion – How Do You Feel About The Xbox Series X & S Prices?

After what felt like eons of your time (and with the help associated with a major leak), Microsoft provides finally unveiled the retail costs of the Xbox Series By and its slim, sleek equal, the particular Series S. While the Series X is listed in $499, the Series S provides a more manageable price associated with $299. The specs between your 2 consoles aren’t particularly drastic, yet the Series X is unquestionably pumping out better numbers which includes more memory storage and the higher native resolution. Additionally, each consoles have financing options – which, if you ask myself, is a godsend!

But, we’re not here to pay attention to what I think regarding these prices; we’re hear in order to get feedback a person! What perform you think about the costs? Were you expecting both gaming systems to could prove costly or less compared to what they were showed become? Does anybody else think these people going to try out the particular financing options? Go on plus share your thoughts in the particular comments below. 

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