Final Fantasy XIV’s next update hopes to solve its housing shortage

Hey, did you know Final Illusion XIV has a housing lack? I was not aware Last Fantasy XIV could have the housing shortage, but here we all are! Having already announced programs to shore up the lack last month, Square Enix have cemented the motion – creating 720 new plots of property and erecting a new prevent of flats in each machine when patch 5.35 occurs later this month.

While you don’t have in order to be a homeowner to mission through Squenix’ MMO, it’t nice to have a location to set down roots. Sadly (and somewhat surprisingly), it’t one plot per person. Property ownership is limited, moreso given that the game’s free demo expanded to include the game’s entire first expansion.

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That house evictions have been put upon hold during the Covid-19 outbreak hasn’t helped. Very good news with regard to homeowners behind on their lease, but tough luck for fresh-faced travellers looking for an action onto the house ladder.

“The travel restrictions introduced within response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) currently prevent us through making any large-scale physical growth to our servers,” had written FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida in a blog blog post, “therefore we are concentrating on optimizing server processing within order to provide extra and building plots.”

To that finish, Square Enix today laid out there their plans to bulk out there the property market in Eorzea. 720 new plots have already been added across four districts, offered for purchase the particular moment the patch drops. Additionally, an house building is being put into every ward and subdivision, hosting upward to 90 players apiece.

It’s wild to myself the endless political efforts in order to protect against the housing crisis offers extended as far as high-fantasy MMOs, but a minimum of it appears Square are taking efforts to really build more homes (eyyy!). These properties should arrive along with patch 5.35, set in order to drop later this month.

Cheers, Polygon.

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