A new Resident Evil Village trailer shows even more nasty werewolves

Capcom showed off another movie trailer for the next Resident Malignant game during today’s Ps 5 showcase and yup, it’s sure creepy. Resident Malignant Village is sending Ethan plus Mia off to some not thus peaceful life in a lower than idyllic village. It looks like their particular new retreat is chock filled with occult drawings, rituals, and large, blue werewolves.

The fresh trailer mostly covers the exact same ground as the original expose trailer, including that same odd story about a girl which runs away from her afflicted mother while picking berries deep in to a forest. Ah, but this time period Capcom say it’s the “storybook themed trailer” which means there’s a Tim Burton-y animated sequence for the story before we get back in order to the proper Resident Evil-style spooks.

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From what we knew so much, Resident Evil Village takes location a few years after Biohazard. Ethan Winters and his spouse Mia have settled down right after escaping the Baker family planting house but of course that will can’t be happily actually after for them, no siree. Chris Redfield is back plus he’s resulted in to result in trouble, it seems. Ethan finishes up in some snowy town that you could spot in today’t trailer. That big local school sure is inviting there inside the center of the graveyard. I’m sure it’t safe inside.

“Whilst the village itself may appearance pristine from all the recently fallen snow, disturbing events are usually happening just out of view,” Capcom say. “Flickering movements catch the corners associated with Ethan’s eyes, while unusual shapes loom coming. It’t among the dilapidated sheds plus houses that he may look for his answers… or he might find something far more scary.”

Resident Evil Town is launching in 2021.

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