Naughty Dog Rebrands ‘Outbreak Day’ In Light Of COVID-19 For The Last Of Us Fans

Every September 26 for the particular past seven years, The Final people fans joined Naughty Canine in celebrating an incredible Ps experience. This season, however, an important change is being designed to the particular name of this annual special event because of COVID-19. 

Previously, this date was guaranteed as Outbreak Day given the particular nature of infection within the particular game universe itself. With the particular number of deaths due in order to COVID-19 on a global size with many areas still much from the point of hold, the team over at Kinky Dog wanted to make the change out of respect. 

No longer called Break out Day, every September 26 through here on out will end up being called The Last people Time. Short, sweet, to the stage. No confusion on the video game being celebrated, no correlation in order to real-life events that are nevertheless currently in progress. 

Naughty Dog took to Tweets to relay the change, saying due to the nature associated with this year’s events and the particular ongoing issues surrounding COVID-19, that will they “didn’t feel right ongoing on under the Outbreak Time banner.” 

The corporation added, “While the name plus the date are rooted within the fiction of the video game, September 26 means so a lot more than lore. It’s regarding showing the appreciation to our fans.” 

Previous yrs celebrating the Last people business included sales on merch, video game discounts, fan tributes, a lot. This particular year, Naughty Dog is partying the launch of The Final people Part II and teases “a lot of exciting items planned and can’t wait in order to share them with you within just a few days.”

New DLC? We can wish, Harold. 

The Last of Us Part II is available now on Ps 4. Thoughts on the title change and their reasoning at the rear of it? Ideas on the Naughty Canine sequel? Shout them out noisy and proud within the comment area below!

[Source: Twitter]

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