Leaked Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Images Reveal New Cosmetic Rewards

Destiny 2’s Event from the Lost is undeniably the favorite event this online online game has to offer. No issue how burnt out I was on shooters, or on Future in particular, I will usually boot up my Warlock yet again for that spoopy goodness. That will being said, a brand new Destiny two leak regarding the event requires the earlier info dump even more with a full reveal associated with the new armor, sparrows, plus more. Honestly? It looks such as a massive upgrade to final year’s look.

Last year’s rewards were fine, which can be seen with one of the particular masks in the image on the top of the content. Bungie has definitely had a lot more innovative looks during the past, but the particular glowy skeleton was dope sufficient to make me want this. With that being said, the new armor models and the shaders have myself way more hyped. 

The latest leak is theoretically a leak, but that is a little murky because the source can be from a website that Bungie itself approves. The site can be called Braytech and it is commonly utilized like how many opt straight into using Destiny Inventory Manager (DIM). One Redditor noticed that toggling from the “Hide invisible collection items” actually shows off all associated with the new gear along the way, therefore it’s a leak … but not really a malicious one. It’s simply type of there. 

For example, the new Canis Luna Mask for Hunters looks quite awesome: 


The Braytech web site also reveals the new triumphs and the new “Tomb Rider” sparrow, which is honestly simply really funny to me plus probably only me:


The Warlock robes are the exact same robes that appeared in a good earlier leak with very huge Dracula vibes. Each class will get its own set with most of the armor parts customized to look special for Event of the Lost. There are usually new masks as well regarding players to relish, including transforming straight into our old pal Variks through the particular first game and the narrator of the latest Past Light trailer. 

For those that don’t use Braytech, below may be the full list associated with revealed armor: 

According to earlier leaks, the particular 2020 Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost event will start upon October 6, though Bungie provides yet to make that verification official. With September coming in order to an in depth, we’ll know everything regarding the returning event here quickly. 

What are usually your thoughts on past Event events? Do you like the brand new reward looks or are a person a larger fan of 2019’s creative take? Sound off with your own thoughts within the comment section beneath! 

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